This is a complex case of fundamental importance, and it involves many legal issues in need of clarification. 

Five days have been put aside for the appeal court hearing: 19 – 23 September.

The case begins on Monday 19 September with the court’s opening statement. Then the lawyer representing the Norwegian Kennel Club, Norwegian Bulldog Club, Norwegian Cavalier Club and the six sued breeders will make her opening statement. Is expected that the lawyer representing the Norwegian Society for Protection of Animals will begin their opening statement on Monday afternoon.

Attendees from the NKK’s administration and press contacts

Several members of the NKK’s administration from the health, organisational and communications departments will attend the legal proceedings as members of the public. As a result, the services that these departments provide will have somewhat restricted access next week.

The press contacts acting as spokespeople for all the parties involved in the appeal are: 

  • Anne Livø Buvik, communications adviser, NKK
  • Cecilie Holgersen, head of communications department, NKK

Contact information